Printing, lasering and assembly

Everything depends on the high-quality finish for your synthetic products. We provide your products with text, images, and other markings in various colours and sizes. The products are assembled at Perfect Coat and delivered to you ready to use.

Printing and lasering

Texts, images, and markings are applied using the tampoprint technique. We can also laser engrave the coated products for you. This technique allows us to create stunning day and night designs.

When it comes to printing or lasering, details determine the quality. Because we have mastered the finest details of coating, printing, and lasering, you are always assured of perfect product quality.


We offer a full-service solution. This means that we can assemble the coated products into a semi-finished or finished product in-house or at a sheltered workshop under our responsibility.

Assembleren van producten Perfect Coat foto

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We use our specialist knowledge and expertise to devise solutions for the optimal coating of your products.