Industrial liquid coating

Liquid coating is a technique that provides plastic products with a smooth and durable coating. It also gives the product a nice extra touch, and contributes to the final design. Whatever purpose you are looking for, Perfect Coat will think along from the beginning to the end of your project; professional knowledge and experience form the basis of our advice and results.

Advantages of industrial liquid coating

Liquid coating is the most commonly used method to provide plastic products with the perfect finishing touch. It has a number of advantages, namely:

  • Industrial liquid coating offers beautiful, smooth and flawless results. It gives the product a decorative touch and adds to the emotional experience of the design.
  • Give your product any color you like. This way, your product will fit seamlessly in the design you have in mind.
  • Apart from its pretty looks, liquid coating also has a protective function. This contributes to the long-term durability of the product.


The versatile qualities of liquid coating make it possible to apply almost any color or design to your product. What about high-gloss black, a chrome look or a honeycomb -3D effect? In order to coat your products optimally, we use three state-of-the-art automated coating lines, and the latest 2K mixing installations. This enables us to realize accurate, reproducible and high-quality coated surfaces. The flexible deployment of our coating lines ensures the realization of all your product requirements. For example:

  • High-gloss black paint
  • Chrome look
  • Honeycomb – 3D
  • All other coloring solutions

Our expertise, careful way of working and up-to-date equipment meet the highest quality standards.

Specifications robotic line

  • CO2 cleaning, flaming and wet painting by means of 6-axis robots.
  • Conventional drying at desired product temperature.
  • UV curing of coating.
  • Suitable for 3-dimensional products as well as products that require full, all-round coating.
  • Suitable for products with dimensions up to 1750*500*350 mm.

Specifications flatbed coating line

  • CO2 cleaning and ionization of the products, after which painting is done by 2, 4, 6 or 8 spray guns.
  • Conventional drying at the desired product temperature.
  • Suitable for relatively flat products of which the underside does not need to be painted.
  • Product dimensions up to 1800*350*65 mm.

Project management from beginning to end

Our experienced professionals offer complete solutions, from idea to assembly. This way, we take care of our clients as an implementation partner during the entire process. Project management with one particular point of contact is our strength. Want to find out more about liquid coating and our solutions for your products? Request a free quote or call one of our advisers.

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